How do I create a Flight Plan?

  • Start a Flight
  • In the bottom button bar, touch and hold the Pages button indicated by what looks like a small stack of papers, then slide to the center position, or "Map".
  • Tap on your initial Waypoint (or airport if no additional way points between are wanted) select the D (Direct)
  • Info about the Waypoint is shown on the left panel
  • If you want to add waypoints next, tap the waypoint on the map, and select Add (or +) 
  • Repeat this action for every Waypoint and until your destination airport

Other things:
  • To view your Flight Plan on the map page, you can switch the left panel between Waypoint Mode and Flight Plan mode by tapping on the FPL and WPT buttons
  • The MiniMap (Inset) is automatically synchronized when a flight plan is created
  • To modify a flight plan repeat the above steps, and select either add or replace existing flight plan. 

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