How to use the Autopilot?

Autopilots are very complex; it is not uncommon for a real airplane autopilot to behave erratically when it is not configured according to specifications, or if the airplane flies outside of the autopilot operating limits. This also holds true in Infinite Flight; parameters for control response are different for every aircraft, and for each configuration of flaps, airspeed and altitude.

Here's how to use the autopilot modes in Infinite Flight. The autopilot settings are accessed through the bottom row of buttons, in the "Autopilot" section.

ALT Mode

This mode is used to climb/descend to a specified altitude. When the button is first pressed, the set altitude is the one the airplane is currently at. You can adjust it by clicking the ALT+/ALT- buttons on the right of the ALT button.The preset altitude is shown in the HUD, on the top right section, above the altimeter. In non hud views, it's shown on the top left corner.

Note: When first turned on, the ALT mode immediately tries to maintain the current altitude, this can cause control issues if the airplane is climbing or descending too rapidly. Make sure you set the ALT mode when the airplane climb rate is less than 500ft/min.

HDG Mode

This mode is used to maintain the current heading when turned on. Adjust the heading by pressing the HDG+/HDG- buttons.

Note: The HDG mode can start oscillating if the airspeed is too low (close to stall speed).

SPD Mode

This mode maintains the specified airspeed. Armed airspeed is shown in the top left part of the hud.

Note: This mode will try its best to reach the airspeed, if there isn't enough power available, the airspeed might not ever be reached.

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