Can't Log In to Live

If you forget your Live Log In details or receive an error when trying to Log In to Live, there are a few things to check.
First make sure to enter the exact same Facebook or GooglePlus account used for activating the subscription. Many people have more than one of each, so check to be sure the correct credential is being used.
Make sure you are connected to a strong WiFi network and have restarted device power before trying again.

If you just bought a new subscription, or renewal but can't log in, or if you have forgotten your Log In credential details please provide the following:
  • Full user name (not email)
  • Last known call sign
  • Attach a complete copy of your email purchase receipt for the subscription. 
After the requested details are received, it will be investigated. 
In some cases especially after purchasing a new or renewed subscription, a log in error may occur. This may be a problem with the store purchase verification system. If the above information is provided, the purchase can be manually verified and activated from our end. So don't worry, we want to get you going. 

Kind regards

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