What does "Grade" mean?

We have created a Grade System for pilots. This system mimics real world licensing classes in many ways. It serves to help pilots set goals, learn, and keep track of their stats. Bragging rights are a nice byproduct for those going for the highest grade. 
The Grade System helps keep some order in the online world in a fun way that promotes an encouraging and positive experience. Pilots with a low grade will have more restrictions of which aircraft they can use, and at which airports. Just like license classes in the real world.
This helps keep pressure off new pilots and away from higher grade pilots so they can practice and learn without feeling uncomfortable or pressure around those with more experience. 

All pilots begin at Grade 1. The more you fly, land, and avoid violations, the faster your grade will improve.

Your current Grade is always available to you from your User Account. That's the area at the top right of the main menu when the app is launched.
Touching that area opens your User Account. This is also where you can change your Call Sign by touching the field where the current call sign is displayed. 

The Grade System parameters can be found by touching the Info button indicated by a circled letter "i".
Here you can see all grades, requirements for each, and your current stats within your Grade. The columns (vertically shown) from left to right show what each grade requirements must be met starting with Grade 1 to Grade 5 ending on the right with yours.
In order to progress to the next grade, your stat numbers for each section must be white in the whole grade column. Orange numbers mean that section is not yet completed. You can compare each to your own grade so you know where you stand, and what you need to complete. 

Grade 3 is the most common among Live pilots. You will be allowed access to all aircraft and airports at Grade 3. It doesn't take very long, so don't be daunted. Grade 4,&5 are for those whose really want to spend a lot of time flying and have something to show for their efforts. It is not necessary to go beyond Grade 3, but it can be fun. 

Happy Landings!

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