Why was I ghosted or reported?


Please be aware that when using the Advanced ATC server, all pilots are expected to know and follow all rules and ATC commands. 
Pilots also must fly in a realistic manner at appropriate speeds and altitudes for the aircraft. 
All rules and expectations are available at all times to all subscribers and can be found in our Knowledge Base or at our forum. 

If you have questions about having received certain violations, were reported and / or "ghosted" you can contact the ATC or ATC Team moderators at our Community Forum
You will need to provide specific flight related documentation such as screen shots of the HUD, ATC Communications log from the moments of the incident. Be polite, and please avoid contacting with unnecessary commentary. 

Remember please that while it's possible for mistakes to be made, it is not in any bodies interest to ghost anybody without just cause. If it is determined a mistake was made, it will be corrected. 

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