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  1. "Infinite Flight has Stopped" or Black screen.

  2. App crashes after upgrading my Samsung device to Lollipop 5.0

  3. Approach Speeds Explained

  4. Approaching towered airports

  5. Autoland / Approach Mode Documentation

  6. Basic Airliner ILS Approach And Landing

  7. Basic Airliner Taxi & Take Off

  8. Can I transfer purchases between iOS and Android?

  9. Can IAPs be shared with iTunes Family Share?

  10. Can't Log In to Live

  11. Cannot connect to Live with Cellular Data?

  12. Communicating with Approach/Departure/Center Controllers

  13. End User License Agreement

  14. Error 1005 "User Canceled"

  15. Flight Following / Radar Vectors / ILS Approach / Check In. What are the differences?

  16. Frequent Crashes on iPod Touch 4th Gen and iPad 1

  17. How do I become Advanced ATC?

  18. How do I create a Flight Plan?

  19. How do I set up a controller for Android?

  20. How To Fly A Visual Pattern

  21. How To Fly An ILS Approach

  22. How to use controllers Android & iOS

  23. How to use the Autopilot?

  24. How to use the ILS

  25. How to use the Weight & Balance Settings

  26. I got a new phone, how do I restore my previous purchases?

  27. Infinite Flight crashes on Android 4.4

  28. Infinite Flight keeps crashing! What can I do?

  29. Invalid Package File when installing

  30. Issues with In App Purchases / Subscription Purchase

  31. Live Holiday Special

  32. Missing Purchases after reinstalling on Android

  33. No Sound

  34. Official Infinite Flight Community Forum / Advanced ATC, Discussion and more.

  35. Take Off Tutorial Advanced

  36. Taking off at towered airports

  37. Taxiing at towered airports

  38. Terms Of Services

  39. The altimeter is broken, it doesn't show 0ft when I'm at an airport.

  40. Tutorial Videos

  41. Update Unavailable With This Apple ID

  42. What aircraft and regions are available?

  43. What are "violations" and how to avoid them?

  44. What does "Grade" mean?

  45. What does the "Calibrate" button do ?

  46. What is the "Instrument Dock"?

  47. When is the next update coming out and what will be in it ?

  48. When is the update?

  49. When taking off or landing, my plane veers off to the left/right and off the runway, what is happening?

  50. When to ask for a frequency change?

  51. When to use the "Check in / With you" message?

  52. Where is the Glideslope for the ILS

  53. Which ATC To Contact and When?

  54. Why am I unable to control the airplane?

  55. Why can't I hear the ATC Chatter?

  56. Why do I have to re-download airplanes and scenery ?

  57. Why is there no 3D buildings ?

  58. Why was I ghosted or reported?

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